No Annual Fees

Pay only upon making a successful match!

Exchange Privileges

As a member owner of your home resort, you have exchange privileges with your own resort and other spectacular destinations in Mexico, Curacao and St. Maarten.

Interval Servicing

Sometimes work, health and financial problems or other unforeseen commitments disrupt the best-laid travel plans. If this happens to you and you are forced to cancel your vacation plans, help is at hand. You can enroll your villa or part of it in the convenient online Interval Servicing Co. Internal Exchange program and enjoy your vacation later in the year at your home resort or one of the other Royal Resorts.

OpenStayTM Exchange

OpenStayTM Exchanges is the latest development in the Internal Exchange program. Like the Internal Exchange program, this exciting new feature lets you trade your vacation for a different time of year or at one of the other participating Royal Resorts.

What makes OpenStayTM unique is the ability to receive a certificate for a future exchange, based on availablility. Deposit your vacation into the OpenStayTM program at no cost and receive an exchange certificate valid for two years.

  1. Interval Servicing Company, LLC operates an Internal Exchange Program (“The Program”), where qualified members are able to choose one of the following services: a) Regular Internal Exchange (“Internal Exchange”). This service allows members to enroll their units into a pool, and based on availability confirm an exchange and use other member’s units. b) Open Stay Exchange (“Open Stay”). This program allows members to deposit their units and obtain in return an Occupancy Certificate (“The Certificate”) that would grant them the right for up to two years to redeem and occupy a unit of equal or lower sleeping capacity to the one enrolled, based on The Program’s available inventory.
  2. Only units submitted by affiliated resort members in good standing can participate in “The Program”. Confirmed exchanges are based on units with the same sleeping capacity; however, you have the option to request a lower sleeping capacity.
  3. Units lend by the owner, or enrolled in any rental, resale or external exchange program are not allowed to participate in the “The Program”.
  4. “The Program” is fully automated through a propriety computer system on a first come first serve basis. In some cases exchanges requested during holidays and other high seasonal periods will be more difficult to confirm.
  5. Unit location is not a priority; a beachfront unit may be confirmed into an off-beach unit. Unit assignment is not guaranteed.
  6. For the “Internal Exchange”, exchange requests may be submitted with a minimum of 31 days prior to the interval/week requested or the interval/week owned, whichever occurs first. For the “Open Stay” said minimum deposit period is 60 days prior to the interval/week owned. For both services the maximum deposit period is 24 months from the date the request is submitted. Interval Servicing will acknowledge receipt of the exchange request via e-mail. For the “Internal Exchange”, thirty (30) days prior to the interval/week date requested or the interval/week owned, whichever occurs first, all pending unconfirmed requests will be cancelled and the unit submitted will be returned to the member.
  7. 7. Once the exchange is confirmed, a non-refundable fee will be charged. For exchanges requested via the website ( the fee is $149 US Dollars. For exchanges requested via fax or mail, the exchange fee is $179.00.
  8. For the “Internal Exchange” and the “Open Stay”, once an exchange has been confirmed the trade is FINAL. For the “Internal Exchange”, you may cancel an exchange request only prior to a confirmed exchange. For the “Open Stay”, once “The Certificate” has been issued, the trade becomes final. A confirmed exchange cannot be cancelled as subsequent confirmed exchanges would be affected.
  9. Confirmed exchanges may not be rented or externally exchanged.
  10. Under the “Internal Exchange”, should the confirmed exchange become inconvenient, a new exchange (re-trade) request may be submitted with an additional exchange fee (applicable fee applies) using the confirmed exchange as the offered unit. Under the “Open Stay”, should the exchange become inconvenient, the exchange will be canceled and the certificate will be reinstated. A new exchange may be submitted with an additional exchange fee.
  11. If you are confirmed for an exchange and have not been billed for your club service fee/maintenance fee; you will be contacted by an Interval Servicing Repr esentative to assist you in collecting the fee. Once paid, this will finalize your exchange confirmation.
  12. Please Take The Exchange Confirmation Paperwork To The Resort As This Will Expedite The Check-In.
Once your unit is enrolled into the internal exchange program, verify the status periodically. If the status reads “pending” this means none of the options you selected are currently available. In that case, you can select the Instant Match option. This will display other options you did not select but are available. This is a great way to create an instant confirmation.